About PrimeWest Health

Welcome to a greater Minnesota health plan! PrimeWest Health is a unique and innovative health plan option for residents in our service area counties who are eligible to enroll in Minnesota’s Families and Children, MinnesotaCare, Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO), Minnesota Senior Care Plus (MSC+), or Special Needs BasicCare (SNBC) programs.

What makes PrimeWest Health unique rests in our ownership and governance structure. PrimeWest Health is owned by 24 counties, with representatives from each county making up our governing board:  Beltrami, Big Stone, Chippewa, Clearwater, Cottonwood, Douglas, Grant, Hubbard, Jackson, Kandiyohi, Lac qui Parle, Lincoln, Lyon, McLeod, Meeker, Nobles, Pipestone, Pope, Redwood, Renville, Stevens, Swift, Traverse, and Yellow Medicine. Because we are a county-owned health plan, residents of these counties are represented by their publicly elected county commissioners who serve on our governing board—the PrimeWest Health Joint Powers Board of Directors. This ensures PrimeWest Health is knowledgeable about and highly responsive to the needs of our members and the providers who care for them. Further, our local government ownership ensures that PrimeWest Health operations are publicly transparent and that we are directly accountable for the resources we are entrusted with to the counties we serve, State and Federal governments, and the taxpayers. Also important is that the 13 counties we serve are all rural. This means our operations are specifically designed to help our members overcome the barriers to optimal health and timely access to high quality care that are unique to rural areas. Living and working in the counties we serve gives PrimeWest Health a ground-level view of local health care access challenges and how we can cost-effectively combine and coordinate our resources with other local resources to benefit the health and well-being of our members.

What makes PrimeWest Health innovative stems from the way we leverage our rural and local government ownership structure to improve our members’ health care experience and population health, while reducing unnecessary health care costs. Because we are owned by counties, PrimeWest Health is organizationally integrated with county Public Health and Social Services agencies—agencies that play key roles in addressing our members’ social determinants of health, behavioral health, and community health needs; improving member population health; and providing case management services. This integration enables PrimeWest Health to readily integrate and coordinate public health, social services, and behavioral health services with medical and allied health care services provided by the more than 12,500 contracted health care and human services providers that make up the PrimeWest Health provider network. The result is timely access to coordinated, high quality, and cost-effective care for our members.

PrimeWest Health’s innovation also extends to our customer services practices and our efforts to improve local health care infrastructure to benefit our members. PrimeWest Health has long been known for our member-first approach in conducting our operations. The most widely regarded examples of this are our Member Services and Provider Contact Centers, where our members and providers are not greeted by a computerized recording and a list of directory options, but by friendly and highly experienced member and provider customer service professionals who quickly address any concerns or questions our members and providers may have. Our member-first approach also extends to helping providers offer our members local access to a greater range of services and special health care programs. PrimeWest Health does this through our Community Reinvestment Program or “CRP.” Our CRP was the first of its kind in Minnesota and involves using surplus dollars gained through our efficient operations to provide grants to providers and community organizations for programs and projects designed to improve the health and well-being of our members. Since 2007, PrimeWest Health has awarded almost $15 million in CRP grants and funding.

PrimeWest Health also continually develops new programs designed to improve our members’ health care experience and population health while reducing unnecessary health care costs. Most notable among these programs is our Accountable Rural Community Health (ARCH) program. ARCH was the first provider accountable care and value-based payment model in rural Minnesota, and it has resulted in significant improvements in quality of care and population health and a reduction in unnecessary health care costs. PrimeWest Health’s innovations and performance achievements, including ARCH, have been recognized by multiple organizations over the years, and we encourage you to visit the PrimeWest Health History and Mission pages as well as other sections of our website to learn more about what made and makes PrimeWest Health a greater Minnesota health plan.