A commitment to our communities

For those of us who govern and work at PrimeWest Health, doing our jobs means being good neighbors, plain and simple. It may seem unusual to hear the word “neighbor” coming from a health plan. But at PrimeWest Health, we are neighbors. We are located right here in rural Minnesota and we live and work in the same communities as our members, providers, and county partners. We don’t just offer a local presence, however. We are also a high quality health plan that provides excellent service and programs to our members and providers. In fact, we have gained a reputation for our dedication to quality.

Our guiding principles

All members must be treated with dignity and respect. They are more than just numbers; they are our neighbors, family, and friends, and we care for them.

Integration with other local community resources increases quality, provides members with better service, and reduces costs.

To ensure transparency and accountability, board meetings and financial records must be open to the public. Risk assumption, management, and payment should be managed locally and be fully transparent and accountable to communities, providers, and members.

Local control ensures that decisions are based on what’s best for our members, providers, and communities.

Access to local providers should be maintained and improved. This includes contracting with all qualified and willing providers in the covered counties.

Access to a large and diverse provider network in and out of the service area should be maintained and improved.

Reinvestment in the community is essential. Savings achieved by the plan should be reinvested into the local health care communities to increase rural access.

Adaptability and flexibility are crucial. The plan must continually strive to develop innovative solutions for rural health needs.